Improving Visibility on Your Bicycle

bicycle wheels

All drivers have a legal obligation to keep a proper lookout, share the road, and take the necessary steps to spot and avoid colliding with pedestrians, riders, and other drivers. Sadly, many crashes between bicycles and vehicles occur simply because the driver did not see the rider—be it from distracted driving, impaired driving, or just plain carelessness.

As a rider, you can’t guarantee that drivers are going to stay vigilant and look out for you. However, your safety is the top priority. As such, there are ways that you can improve your visibility on two wheels so that drivers are more likely to spot and avoid you.

Use Reflectors

Reflective material is great for improving rider visibility because it can catch the light coming from the headlights of oncoming traffic and alert drivers of your presence. Reflective tape and stickers can be attached to your helmet, clothing, or bicycle.

Wear Bright Clothing

Fluorescent clothing is the best type of material that you can wear as a biker, along with bright colors that stand out like pink, orange, and yellow. Try to avoid wearing more neutral colors that blend into your surroundings, such as black, gray, brown, dark green, or tan.

Install Lights

Without the visibility of the sun, the night poses additional dangers for bicycle riders. As such, installing lights on your bicycle is crucial when riding at night. California law requires all cyclists to install and utilize the following equipment when traveling during dark hours:

  • A white frontal light that projects at least 300 feet
  • A red rear reflector that is visible from at least 500 feet away
  • White or yellow reflectors or lights on both pedals

Cycle in Groups

A group of cyclists is significantly easier to spot than a singular rider. While we know it’s not always possible, try to ride in packs so that it’s easier for drivers to spot you. Always make sure to ride in a straight line in the direction that traffic is traveling.

We recognize that bicycle accidents can and still do happen, even when riders take all the precautions possible to improve their visibility. If you’re injured in a bicycle crash, turn to Fowler Helsel Vogt for dedicated legal fighters ready to help you recover and get your life back on track.

Contact our Fresno bicycle accident attorneys at (559) 900-1280 to schedule your no-fee, no-obligation consultation today!

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