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Truck drivers carry a higher level of responsibility than other drivers due to the size and weight of the vehicles they operate. Large commercial trucks cause devastating accidents every year in the United States. Weighing as much as 80,000 pounds, these massive vehicles can cause serious havoc. If you or a loved one was injured in an accident involving a semi-truck, we encourage you to contact the Fresno truck accident lawyers at our firm as soon as possible.

Why Choose Our Accident Attorneys?

At Fowler | Helsel | Vogt, our truck accident attorneys are ready to give you the help and legal protection you need if you've suffered injury or lost a loved one in a truck accident. We put our clients first because we understand the vital need to get the best possible compensation available to them. Here are just some reasons why we should be considered for your legal counsel partner:

What causes truck accidents?

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) is designed to regulate truck drivers and their employers in order to protect others on the road. For example, under FMCSA regulations, truck drivers may not operate their vehicles for longer than 11 hours or 14 hours in total including work that does not involve driving. By ignoring the hours of service regulations, truck drivers put others in serious jeopardy of accidents caused by exhausted driving.

Common causes of trucking accidents include, but are not limited to:

  • Jackknifing
  • Tire blowouts
  • Drunk Drivers
  • Making unsafe lane changes
  • Fatigued drivers
  • Driving aggressively
  • Failure to follow rules of the road
  • Improperly secured cargo
  • Inexperienced drivers
  • Texting or talking on the phone while driving
Fresno Truck Accident Attorneys

Any of these causes can lead to a devastating highway accident. Work with our truck accident attorneys in Fresno who are experienced in these cases if you or a loved one suffered injuries caused by a truck accident due to the negligence of the driver. By working with a committed and knowledgeable truck accident lawyer in Fresno from our team, you can be sure that your case is in good hands.

Call us today to schedule your complimentary consultation with a member of our dedicated and compassionate legal team.

Who is Liable for My Truck Accident?

The individual or company that caused your injuries should be held responsible for the damages you have suffered. In terms of a truck accident, however, this is not as easy to pinpoint as a regular car accident for instance. The sole at-fault party is not necessarily the truck driver. The other parties that can be found at fault include:

The trucking company - The company responsible for the maintenance of the truck and the responsibilities of the driver should also be evaluated. The truck driver’s employer is responsible for the negligent acts of the employee while they are on duty, such as ensuring they have enough opportunity for adequate sleep and that they avoid alcohol and drug use. Maintenance of the truck will also be taken into consideration.

The manufacturer - If the accident was caused by a mechanical defect or failure, the manufacturer may be held liable for the accident.

  • $750,000 Rear-End Collision

    Multiple Car Pile Up Results in $750,000 Recovery for Client.

  • $100,000 Premises Liability

    Man falls from negligently maintained fence while trying to retrieve daughter's shoe.

  • $300,000 Uninsured Motorist Claim
  • $70,000 City Park Accident
  • Vehicle Accident

    An injured driver and passenger of a vehicle were T-boned by an uninsured driver. FHV’s clients were able to pay their hospital bills and other medical bills, while still receiving compensation for their pain and suffering.

    40+ Years of Combined Experience Working for You

    Our team of legal professionals is ready to hear your side of the story and educate you on your rights and legal options at this time. We consult forensic experts with knowledge and experience in the field in order to recreate the collision effectively, helping to possibly prove the other driver's negligence and protecting your rights. We are thoroughly familiar with California insurance and liability laws, as well as FMCSA regulations.

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