What Types of Injuries Are Sustained in Bicycle Accidents?

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picking a safe bicycle helmet infographicIn the event of a bicycle crash, rarely does the rider end up injury-free or even sustaining minor wounds. Since bicycle riders lack physical protection around them, they are more susceptible to their environment when involved in bicycle accidents.

Whether you are an avid cyclist or occasionally get on two wheels, knowing what kinds of injuries are most common can help you take the necessary precautions to protect yourself.

Head and Facial Injuries

The fact that injuries to the head and face are common in bicycle accidents won’t shock many, especially those who are avid bicyclists. When riders are either struck or hit by a stationary object, they may be ejected from their bikes and thrown forward, landing on their faces.

According to the American Academy of Family Physicians, between 22% and 47% of injured cyclists have sustained an injury to the head. Some of the most common of these injuries include:

The best way to prevent potential head injuries on a bike is to wear a helmet. No, they may not be enough to protect you from the dangers of negligent drivers or road hazards, but they can mitigate the potential of catastrophic or fatal injury in the event of a bicycle crash.


Fractures or broken bones may seem like a relatively simple injury to treat. However, this is not always the case. Depending on how the bone was broken and what area was injured, the person may be debilitated for weeks or months and require surgery and physical therapy. If a limb is fractured, the person may also be out of work for an extended period.

Internal Damage

Not all injuries are readily apparent on the surface. Some of the most severe injuries occur below the surface of the skin. Damage to the internal organs can occur when the cyclist is hit by a vehicle, hits the ground after the fact, or hits debris or other objects after falling.

Damage to the following body parts can occur after physical trauma:

  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Abdominal wall
  • Pancreas
  • Liver
  • Kidney
  • Stomach
  • Intestines
  • Colon
  • Uterus
  • Bladder
  • Blood vessels

One of the biggest dangers of organ damage is internal bleeding, which can be fatal if not treated immediately.

Helping You Recover From a Bicycle Accident

These are just some of the devastating injuries that often impact riders involved in bicycle collisions, including wrongful death. At Fowler Helsel Vogt, our personal injury attorneys have seen firsthand the devastation that can arise after these traumatic events. We are dedicated to helping those injured in bicycle accidents pursue justice and compensation for their injuries.

You can rest assured knowing your case is in the hands of our caring, seasoned legal team.

Focus on healing the right way by contacting our Fresno bicycle accident attorneys at (559) 900-1280 if you or a loved one has been injured. We offer free, no-obligation consultations.