5 Tips for Driving in the Fog

tail lights glowing through dense fog

Tips for Safe Fog Driving in the Central Valley

The fog is back in the Central Valley, and all drivers are encouraged to proceed with caution when on the roadways. If you are inexperienced in driving in these conditions or need a quick refresher for safe driving, keep these five tips in mind.

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#1. Only Use Your Low Beams or Fog Lights

One of the most important things to remember is only to use low beams or fog lights when driving in the fog. While a common assumption may be that high beams will help you see better, they can actually make visibility worse. This is because they shine directly into the fog rather than down, which causes light to reflect back at the driver and impact visibility.

#2. Increase the Distance Between Vehicles

Because visibility is significantly reduced in foggy weather, drivers will want to ensure that there is increased distance between each car on the road. Should you need to suddenly brake, this can help reduce the possibility of a collision.

#3. Use the Right Side of the Road for Guidance

If your commute has twists and turns, dense fog can make lane changes or exiting even more dangerous. Use the lines on the right side of the road as a guide to keep you centered in the lane—not the center line since this may cause you to collide with another driver.

#4. Give Yourself Extra Driving Time

With any inclement weather condition, you will want to allow yourself extra time to get to your destination. By doing so, you can eliminate the feeling of needing to rush when there are traffic stops or lane closures due to accidents.

#5. Avoid Using Cruise Control

Driving in foggy conditions can be dangerous if you aren't prepared to handle it. While using cruise control as usual may seem reasonable, it is never recommended. In these conditions, you will want to have full capabilities to stop suddenly if need be, and having cruise control on may inhibit your ability to do so.

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Your safety is our #1 priority, and we are dedicated to helping keep the roadways safe throughout the Central Valley. Drivers have a responsibility to adapt their skills to the weather conditions, and not doing so may make the roads more dangerous for every other motorist.

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