What Should I Look for in an Attorney?

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Finding the Right Lawyer For Your Case

No matter the personal injury incident you were involved in, you deserve to work with an attorney who can help you achieve the most desired outcome. However, finding the right attorney for your case is not always easy, and many people are left unsure of where to even begin looking.

When doing preliminary research or having an initial consultation with a potential lawyer, consider these factors before making your decision.

Courtroom Experience

Although very few personal injury cases wind up in the courtroom, working with an attorney who has litigation experience can make a difference in your outcome. Not only will they be prepared to take on the at-fault party in court if need be, but they may also be able to see different factors that could strengthen or weaken your case that otherwise would go overlooked.

Success Rate and Client Satisfaction

Many attorneys have handled hundreds of cases in their careers, but you should be more concerned with the quality of their casework, not the quantity. When looking for the right law firm, you'll want to pay attention to whether or not they have a high success rate in cases like yours. For example, if you need representation for a car accident case, you’ll likely want to work with someone who has successes in this area instead of one that primarily tries cases in workers’ compensation or something otherwise not relevant to your situation.

Additionally, you can learn a lot about law firms by how clients talk about them. If you are meeting with an attorney based on a recommendation or a referral, there's a higher chance that they've been able to provide great representation for their clients.

Communication Expectations

Knowing what to expect in terms of communication from your attorney could be the difference in feeling more comfortable working with them, but this should be an open conversation from the start. If you expect to only hear from them when there are major updates or want to work one-on-one with the attorney rather than a case manager or paralegal, discuss this ahead of time. Should a potential attorney not meet your communication expectations, they may not be the right fit.

The Fresno personal injury attorneys at Fowler | Helsel | Vogt are here to provide guidance when you need it most. Our team offers free, no-obligation initial consultations where you can discuss your case by calling (559) 900-1280 or filling out this short form.

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