Signs of Drowning to Look Out For

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A common conception of drowning is that the victim will make it evident that something is wrong. They will make lots of noise, splash around and scream out for help. However, this is rarely ever the case. When the victim is drowning, they are abnormally silent. While you think that they are just relaxing in the water, the worst may actually be taking place.

It is a quick and quiet process. In fact, drowning can occur in as little as 20-60 seconds. Additionally, there is an average of 10 fatal drowning incidents in the US each day.

When you are making your plans for summer, like going to the beach, lake, or pool, make sure that you are aware of the signs of drowning. It can make the difference between saving a life and a fatality.

Most Significant Warnings to Watch Out For

  • Head appears limp with the mouth at or below the water level
  • Head is tilted back, and mouth is agape
  • The lost ability to focus
  • Eyes are closed
  • Hair is brushed in front of the face or eyes
  • Legs are not being used, and they appear vertical in the water
  • Gasping for air
  • Attempting to swim in a specific direction but remaining in the same spot
  • Eyes look glassy or empty

Actions to Take if Someone is Drowning

The first thing you should do is have someone call 911 and yell to any other bystander on the scene for help. Then, if the victim is still conscious, try to converse with them and keep them calm. Stop any thrashing movements in the body and do the best you can to keep their body relaxed. The most crucial thing is ensuring their mouth and nose are both above the water's surface.

If the victim is unconscious, calling 911 is still the obvious first step. In this case, immediately rush to the person's aid and flip them so they are face up. Put a flotation device underneath their body and then tow them to safety and solid ground. After they are back on land, assess the situation and perform first aid such as CPR when needed. Be extra cautious to prevent head or neck injuries.

Protect Yourself and Your Loved Ones

Accidents happen, but many can be avoided with proper care and attention. If a loved one has been involved in a drowning-related incident due to neglect and inattentiveness, our team of injury lawyers at is prepared to stand by your side to protect what matters most to you.

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