Choosing An Attorney

Mark Vogt: If you need a personal injury attorney, the first thing you should look for is comfort, and I’ll say that in a couple different ways. Are you comfortable with this law firm? I mean are you comfortable with your lawyer? Are they open? Do they communicate? Do you get the lawyer on the phone one of the first times you call? And does he know what he’s talking about? There’s a whole bunch of levels of comfort, and you’re hiring a law firm that’s going to stand next to you not only in the office that you first meet him, but into the courtroom that the case is ultimately decided in.


Jason Helsel: More often than not, what you tend to see is attorneys treating clients like they’re just a case or just a matter, or just a dollar, and they’re only looking at what are the attorneys going to be for me, and there’s no connection at all. They don’t take the time to get to know the client. They don’t take the time to really appreciate what the client is going through, and I think, from what I see, that is the biggest difference between someone who can be a good attorney vs a great attorney who is actually really going to be able to connect with somebody on a human level. We believe from the day you walk into the office, the narrative of the case develops--All the way through the day we present it at trial in a closing argument to a jury.


John Fowler: Asking for the relief that the client is deserving. The reason we can do that, by getting to know the client, as a human being, allows us to communicate the clients' issues to other human beings who will sit on this jury. We try to connect at that deeper level. That gives us the edge, and not all attorneys are trained to or able to do that.