Jason A. Helsel

I think my desire to do civil cases and do what we do comes from this desire or need to help the underdog, to represent the underdog. One of the things I didn’t like about the practice I was in was you’re just representing rich wealthy people, big companies. And you’re not really making an impact on anybody’s life. Here, every single day or every single case or client that we have, we’re making a big difference. I mean what we do here matters in people’s lives.

I’m proud. I’m very proud of what this firm has become…Recognizing where we all came from. Recognizing that we built this ourselves. Nothing was given to us. Nothing was handed to us. To this day whenever I walk through the front door, there’s an immediate energy. I’m just immediately energized, excited about what I’m going to do, excited about the opportunities that are going to be here, excited about the people we’re going to help and the lives we’re going to change. But there’s definitely something inside of me where I like sticking up for people. I don’t like bullies. I like being the person in someone’s corner to look after them, protect them, watch after them.