John C. Fowler

My name’s John Fowler. I’m a lawyer here and one of the founding partners at Fowler | Helsel | Vogt. We practice in the areas of personal injury, and I also do some employment litigation. So, we represent injured workers as well as injured individuals in a variety of circumstances.

When I first got into the practice of law, after a stint in the peace corps where I lived for about two and a half years in East Africa. It gave me an opportunity to see a society where stability doesn’t always reign, and where individuals have even less of a bargaining chip at the table. That got me interested in helping people navigate problems in our society. I wanted to be a civil attorney and specifically working with injured parties for the purpose of providing that opportunity to level the playing field, providing an opportunity to advocate for and on behalf of people that don’t have a voice in the process.

So often as individuals in life, we’re not trained in the rules that govern relationships between people–the law, as we call it. Certainly whether it be in the workplace or whether it be as a result of an injury or an accident that someone experiences. How do they interface with the system, and how do they communicate correctly what they need to communicate to get the most out of the system to provide them a remedy? That’s what gives myself and my partners and all of our team members here at Fowler | Helsel | Vogt the unique opportunity to assist others: our commitment and dedication to helping be that advocate.