How Can Drivers Help Motorcycle Riders Stay Safe?

motorcyclist riding his bike

May is Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, a time dedicated to motorcycle safety education and awareness of the dangers that riders face on the road every day.

A startling statistic from the National Safety Council reveals that motorcyclists make up about 3% of all registered vehicles but 14% of all on-road fatalities. We believe that everyone on the road should take steps to keep motorcycle riders safe, who are the most vulnerable to catastrophic and fatal injuries.

Here are some ways that those on four wheels can do their part in promoting safe roads and preventing motorcycle collisions.

Eliminate Distractions

Drivers, it’s incredibly important to always stay vigilant with your eyes on the road, hands on the wheel, and mind on the task of driving. Put away all electronics so that you aren’t tempted to use them while you’re on the road.

Only Drive When Sober

One of the most common causes of motorcyclist fatalities is drunk driving. In fact, 28% of rider fatalities that occurred in 2017 were caused by an alcohol-impaired driver. Instead of getting behind the wheel after drinking and putting everyone at risk, call a rideshare vehicle or designate a sober driver.

Keep Extra Room

It’s incredibly easy to misjudge how far a motorcycle is from your vehicle and how fast they are riding. Many motorcycle accidents occur from rear-end collisions, which are often devastating for the rider. Make sure to always allow extra room around your vehicle and a nearby rider to give yourself extra time to brake or make any last-minute maneuvers.

Check Blind Spots

Motorcycles are naturally much thinner than regular-sized vehicles, meaning they require more attention to spot. Don’t just rely on your side and rearview mirrors to alert you of nearby riders. You should always turn your body and head to check your blind spots before changing lanes.

Keep Volume Down

Many times, we hear motorcycles before we see them. Loud pipe noises allow us to detect nearby motorcycles so we can take proper precautions when they are nearby. Always make sure to keep your radio or stereo on a volume that still allows you to listen to activity outside of your vehicle.

Encourage Passengers to Stay Alert

A passenger in the front or back seat may have a wider range of view that allows them to see things that the driver may not see. If you have passengers in your vehicle, you can encourage them to keep an eye out for riders around the vehicle and alert you if you are not aware of their presence yet.

We hope that these tips allow everyone to stay safe on the road. If the event that you or a loved one is, in fact, injured in a motorcycle accident, our team of injury attorneys at Fowler Helsel Vogt is here to provide you with the caring and quality representation you need to obtain a financial recovery.

Contact Fowler Helsel Vogt at (559) 900-1280 to discuss your motorcycle accident case. We are offering free phone consultations and remote legal services amid the coronavirus outbreak.

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