Common Types of Motorcycle Crash Burn Injuries

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Many people associate motorcycle accidents with broken bones and head injuries. While these are some of the most common injuries, riders are also extremely susceptible to sustaining burns as a result of a crash.

Here are some of the most common burns associated with motorcycle collisions.

Fire Burns

Not all burns are caused by literal fires, but some are. Fires can erupt when the force of the collision causes the gas tank to leak, which then catches a spark. Many motorcycle riders can be either knocked unconscious or physically unable to move out of the way of the fire, leading to even deeper burns.

Chemical Burns

Because they lack a protective outer layer, riders are vulnerable to chemical exposure on their skin caused by the impact of a collision. When riders come into contact with corrosive materials such as battery acid or gasoline, it can lead to chemical burns.

Exhaust Pipe and Engine Burns

Certain metal parts of a bike, such as the exhausts and engine, can reach temperatures of up to 230 degrees Fahrenheit. In the event of a crash, a motorcycle rider can be thrown from their bike, and parts of their body can come into contact with these hot pieces, resulting in severe contact burns.

Road Rash

This type of friction burn is one of the most common burns sustained by motorcycle riders. Road rash occurs when the rider’s body is dragged across an abrasive surface, like concrete or asphalt, and tears away the top layers of the skin. This can leave large open wounds on the rider’s body that are at risk of infections.

If you or a loved one sustained burns in a motorcycle accident, you need quality legal representation to ensure that your rights are protected. Burns often lead to lifelong scars that can diminish one’s quality of life and be physically debilitating. These individuals deserve proper compensation for their emotional and physical pain and suffering.

Our motorcycle accident attorneys have helped many motorcycle accident survivors obtain the compensation they need and deserve to recover as much as they possibly can. You can rest easy knowing that we will fight hard on your behalf as well.

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