What Dog Vaccinations Are Required in California?

dog vaccination

Injuries to humans due to dog bites can be severe. Certain diseases can be transmitted between dogs and humans if the animal is unvaccinated. Rabies is one of the most common examples and can be deadly if not treated. Below, our Fresno dog bite attorneys outline animal vaccination laws in California and steps that you should take after being bitten by an unvaccinated dog.

California Law for Rabies Vaccinations

Pet owners are responsible for protecting their animals and other people from potentially deadly diseases. The good news is that vaccinations significantly reduce the risk of occurrence of certain illnesses in animals and their ability to be transmitted to humans. When it comes to dog vaccinations, the state of California requires the following:

  • All dog owners must vaccinate their animals against rabies.
  • All dogs over the age of four months old must receive this vaccination.
  • After that, dogs must be vaccinated regularly.

If you have been bitten by a dog that you are unsure is vaccinated against rabies, you should go to the nearest emergency room right away for a proper diagnosis and potential treatment against rabies. Prompt medical care can help you avoid the risk of infection and create a paper trail of the incident.

Dog bite victims are also eligible to file a claim against the dog owner for failing to vaccinate. But to do so, you must file a claim with authorities, including police and animal control. They can check whether the dog has its vaccinations and a history of bites. Remember, if you don’t report the incident, you may not be able to file a claim.

Holding Negligent Dog Owners Accountable

A dog bite attack can be an frightening experience for the victim and their family. It can be even more traumatic if the victim later discovers that the dog was not vaccinated. At Fowler | Helsel | Vogt, we are committed to holding negligent dog owners accountable while pursuing justice and compensation for those injured.

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