Always Speak to an Attorney Before Accepting an Insurance Settlement

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Most people truly do not think of the possibility of sustaining a serious, debilitating, or even life-changing injury. In our experience, many of the clients that come to us for help were injured completely unexpectedly. The sad reality is that something that happens in the blink of an eye can turn someone’s whole world upside down.

When this happens, do not forget that you have options, and we are here to help you understand what those are. Whether you’re injured in a car accident, in a slip and fall accident at someone’s home, or at your own place of employment, you will most likely be dealing with your own or someone else’s insurance company.

Most of us have heard the stories from people we know of long, drawn-out battles with insurance companies that have lasted for years. And, in most cases, we don’t have to deal with them ourselves - until we are the ones that are injured and need help paying for our medical bills and lost wages.

In our experience working with injury victims, we understand that every single personal injury case is different. No two injuries are the same, just like no two accidents likely have happened the same exact way. However, an attorney will do all in their power to help an injured individual seek the compensation they deserve against an insurance company.

If you’ve been seriously injured and need help negotiating compensation to heal, don’t hesitate to contact our attorneys at (559) 900-1280 for a free case evaluation.

Why Insurance Companies Try to Get You to Settle Quickly

The unfortunate reality is that, in most cases, insurance companies will try to look for any means necessary to avoid compensating people for their injuries. They may try to look for loopholes or information to disprove that are liable to compensate someone.

Insurance companies are like businesses. To make money, they want to get the most from those they cover while paying out as little as they can. In order to do this, they typically offer injured parties a lower settlement offer than they would receive in court or with the legal guidance of a professional attorney

Being severely injured can cause emotional wounds that truly make individuals feel like they do not have many options. Medical bills can rack up quickly. This can be extremely stressful and if you have a family at home and bills of your own to pay. Even an amount of a few thousand dollars from your insurance company may seem to, at least temporarily, ease this financial burden.

Should You Settle or Not?

In some cases, your injury lawyer may actually advise you to take a settlement from the insurance company. However, know that in most cases, you are entitled to more money than they initially offer you. It’s important to note that, once you take a settlement offer, you won’t be able to pursue compensation for damages that you may find out about down the road. This is why it is absolutely essential to speak with an attorney before making any decisions.

As we said previously, insurance companies will likely offer you less money than you actually can receive. If the accident was major, there are a few indications that you should not take a settlement offer from your insurance, including:

  • There is still a question of who is at fault: The insurance company may try to prove that you were at least partially, if not fully, liable for the accident in which you received your injuries. If there is any debate as to who contributed to the accident, you should have your attorney analyze the facts before taking any sort of settlement offer.

  • You are seeking compensation for serious injuries: Even minor or moderate injuries can cost thousands of dollars overall. The bills you can acquire from severe injuries can literally immediately exceed what the insurance company offers you. If your medical provider and attorney determine you sustained severe injuries, you should avoid taking a settlement.

  • You are pursuing future damages: Severe injuries may require years of medical treatment or even lifelong rehabilitation. This can cause lost wages on top of pain and suffering, both of which add value to your case, value that was most likely not included in your settlement offer.

It will be the job of your attorney to determine the amount of compensation you are entitled to and guide you to either accepting a settlement from the insurance company or, in more cases than not, pursue more compensation for the injuries you have sustained.

If this is the case for you, do not hesitate to contact our own personal injury firm. Not only do we offer free consultations, but we work on contingency fees. What this means is that you will not pay anything unless we help you win compensation for your injuries.

At Fowler Helsel Vogt, We Will Be Able To:

  • Determine any and all negligent parties that caused your injuries

  • Gather evidence to prove that the negligent acts directly caused your injuries

  • Assess medical documents to prove the injury sustained was from the accident

  • Determine what your future medical bills could add up to

  • Determine what your total compensation should be based on total damages, including pain and suffering

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