Handling The Impossible Case

Mark Vogt: A lot of cases that come into our office are at least categorized as impossible, sometimes attorneys are too scared to take them, sometimes the client labels them impossible themselves. Our job is to strip all of that away and get to the real story in the case. And you’ll find if you get to the real story, the real human story, they’re not impossible. Something happened, and somebody was hurt. And it shouldn’t have happened. And we talk to them that way.


Jason Helsel: One of the tools that we have that the defense never has is the ability, and I mentioned this before, the ability to connect with our clients on a human level. And if you can’t get the case resolved through an adjuster, through the insurance company, then your only option is to go try the case, take it to trial. And when you do that, the people who are deciding it are members of this community. They’re 12 people just like you and I, and they’re also human beings. And if you have that connection with your client, it’s such a powerful, such a forceful tool that you can use in conveying that feeling and that emotion that you have for your clients over to the jury. And more often than not, when you really bring out those feelings and emotion in the courtroom in front of other human beings, you’re rewarded for it.