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Suing Dog Owners for Serious Dog Bites

What are you supposed to do after you are badly bitten by someone else’s dog? You can’t exactly sue the dog for damages, so does that mean you can sue the owner? It depends on the details of your case.

To figure out your legal options, come to Fowler | Helsel | Vogt in Bakersfield. Our dog bite attorneys can evaluate your case and let you know if you should pursue a claim against the dog’s owner for compensation. It is our goal to help you get a fair recovery after suffering from a painful and traumatizing dog attack.

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California Does Not Have a One-Bite Law

When a dog attacks someone in California, there is no “one-bite” rule in place to protect the owner from liability. Instead, the state applies a strict liability rule for dog bite cases. When a dog bites or otherwise hurts someone, the owner can be held strictly liable for the resulting damages, even if they had no idea that the dog would be capable of hurting someone.

You can sue if a dog hurt you by:

  • Biting you
  • Scratching you
  • Pushing you over
  • Jumping on you

The strict liability rule for dog bite cases also expands to other animal and pet attacks. For example, you could have the legal grounds to sue someone if their cat violently scratched you, even if the cat had always been kind and gentle with everyone else.

Can You Sue Your Neighbor for a Dog Bite?

You can sue almost anyone for a dog bite, including your neighbor or landlord. Exceptions are only made for military or police dogs who have been instructed to attack you, or if you are bitten while trespassing on private property that displayed warning signs about a dangerous dog on the premises.

Many people are hesitant to sue a neighbor for a dog bite because they don’t want the dog to be put down. In California, there is no law that requires a dog to be destroyed because it attacked someone. More often than not, the dog owner is instructed to place the animal in a training course and/or take extra steps around their property to ensure the dog cannot interact with others without first being leashed. If you want to sue your neighbor for a dog bite but are worried about the dog getting hurt, then we can push for an out-of-court settlement to add to your peace of mind.

What is a Dog Bite Claim Worth?

The value of your dog bite claim should reflect your damages, including past and future economic and non-economic damages. It can also be capped by the limits of the relevant insurance policies. For example, many dog bite claims are technically filed against the owner’s property insurance.

Your dog bite injury claim should seek damages that pay for:

  • Medical costs
  • Lost wages
  • Pain and suffering
  • Traumatization

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