Fresno Judge & Appellate Court Order New Trial 8 Years After Greyhound Crash

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Fresno Families Get a Second Chance at Justice After Deadly Greyhound Crash

In July 2010, Stephanie Cordoba, Sylvia Garay, and Vanessa Gonzalez were killed in a crash involving a Greyhound bus. The three women were driving along Highway 99 when the driver accidentally overturned the SUV. Despite the fact that multiple drivers had successfully avoided the accident and others had pulled over to help the women in the SUV (and put their emergency blinkers on), a Greyhound bus collided with the still-overturned SUV and bus traveled for more than 400 feet before going off an embankment and hitting a tree.

After a five-week trial in 2015, a jury voted 10-2 that Greyhound did not share responsibility for the crash. However, the families of the three women got another chance at justice when Judge Donald Black and the 5th District Court of Appeal in Fresno agreed on Tuesday that “the evidence does not support the verdict” that the bus driver did not act negligently.

It came to light during the first trial that the bus driver (James Jewett, who also perished in the crash) was speeding at the time of the accident and was not using his required prescription glasses. Appellate Justices Herbert Levy, Jennifer Detjen, and Donald Franson, Jr. issued a unanimous opinion, which states, “Accepting the bus was traveling more than 65 miles per hour, the record contains evidence supporting the trial court’s conclusion that Greyhound breached its duty of care because Jewett improperly entered and drove in the fast lane of the freeway.”

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