2 vs. 4 Wheels: Why Motorcycle and Bicycle Accidents Increase During Summer

Summer is officially here, and with it, there are a few important things to note regarding your safety and the safety of those around you. Motorcycle and bicycle riders are at a significantly higher risk of sustaining catastrophic injuries or wrongful death when collisions occur. Couple this with the fact that there are more riders and drivers out and about during summer and the chance of these accidents occurring dramatically increases.

More People on the Road

Summer months typically bring more traffic on the road as individuals and families take vacations or road trips for various holidays. AAA estimates that more than 49 million Americans will travel during the Fourth of July holiday alone, and many more will be on the road traveling for summer vacations. This typically means that more people are in a hurry and not being as careful as they should be.

If you’re on a motorcycle or bicycle, it’s a good idea to wear brightly colored clothing or have reflective stickers on your bike or attire. This can help increase your visibility to those around you and help keep drivers aware of your presence.

Drunk or Distracted Driving

During the summertime, many partake in festivities and outdoor parties that involve alcohol. Unfortunately, this always means that some individuals decide to get behind the wheel after drinking. This can be disastrous for those on 2 wheels. If you notice someone driving recklessly that you believe to be intoxicated, make sure to get off the road and contact local police enforcement to notify them of the situation.

The days between Memorial Day and Labor Day are notoriously known as the “100 Deadliest Days of Summer.” This is because an average of 260 teens are killed in car crashes each month during the summer, 26% higher than the rest of the year, due to factors such as distracted driving and drunk driving. Parents, make sure teens stay extra vigilant on the road and know that safety is always the priority, even during summer vacation.

Look Out for Those on 2 Wheels

It’s important to remember that, just like pedestrians and individuals in vehicles or trucks, those on 2 wheels have rights on the road. Drivers should always allow riders to have the right of way and stay extra vigilant on the road during the summer months to ensure that they and those around them stay safe during the summer season.

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