How Common are Fog-Related Accidents?

cars waiting at a stop light on a foggy night

Low visibility conditions such as fog are extremely influential factors in weather-related crashes. Aside from not being able to see the road ahead, fog can make it more difficult to see and be seen by others. Unfortunately, these crashes are fairly common.

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Highway Administration, over 38,700 crashes annually are fog-related, resulting in over 600 fatalities and over 16,300 injuries. Read on to learn how fog negatively impacts drivers.

What Makes Fog Dangerous for Drivers?

Fog dramatically reduces visibility, making it difficult to see the road and other vehicles. The reduced visibility limits a driver’s reaction time, which can be dangerous in an emergency situation. Furthermore, fog forces drivers to adjust their speed based on visual cues rather than actual distances. This means that a driver may not be able to react quickly enough when a car suddenly appears out of nowhere.

Fog also causes a distraction due to the reduced visibility and confusion over where to go next. This could lead to drivers straying off the road or missing important signs on the highway, both of which can be dangerous. Lastly, fog creates glare, making it difficult to see in an already drastically reduced visibility.

Staying Safe in Fog

The best way to stay safe during foggy conditions is to use extra caution and take your time driving. Be sure to drive slower than the speed limit, turn on your headlights, and check your rearview mirror more often. Additionally, be aware of other drivers who may not be as cautious in foggy conditions. If you find yourself in a hazardous situation, pull over onto the shoulder of the road, turn on your hazard lights, and wait out the fog. With proper caution and awareness, drivers can safely reach their destination during foggy conditions.

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